Family and Food

Cliff, Wendy, Mom, sister and gramma before dinner
my family before dinner!

This past weekend some of my family came to visit LA. (hence the late post and poor planning) It was my Grandma, Mom and Sister (the ladies minus a few). They all traveled down from Oregon and enjoyed a little California “girl” time. They came to visit my aunt who lives in Los Feliz and myself. My sister stayed with me in W. LA and mom and grandma stayed at my aunts house. We did a variety of activities like, eating Mexican food, climbing the stairs to Baldwin Scenic overlook, visiting Olvera street, La Brea tar pits, Griffith observatory, mani/pedis, family dinner, Getty Museum, pumpkin carving and a brief beach viewing.

Most, but not all activities usually involve food, which can be tricky sometimes. I’m not 100% paleo, which means there is some freedom in what I eat. Most of the time I eat clean, but I do allow for some other foods. I’m pretty sure my family thinks I’m crazy and don’t quite understand the whole “food/nutrition thing”. Some of them think it’s a “diet”. Which it’s far from that, it’s now a way of life. In fact Saturday I was able to hear Loren Cordain speak and I wanted my mother and sister hear him also, but sitting at a lecture and Q & A didn’t sound like a fun vacation for them.
My family has seen my eating evolve over time. General health has always in mind. Eight years ago when I moved here my main staples were eggs, cereal, bread, chicken, cottage cheese and fruit. When eating out I would allow pretty much anything, though I’ve never been a true fast food junkie. Then I had a small stage of vegetarian life- where I was always hungry. I just couldn’t seem to eat enough, this was probably due to the fact I ate only vegetables and bread. Then I semi “zoned” (I hate measuring) with lots of string cheeses as my 1 block proteins. Now I stay away from most grains and dairy (pizza and pastries are still favorites) eat lots of fruit and vegetables, meat, poultry, fish and nuts.
When I’m with the family there always seem to be comments about what I will and wont eat. When I’m in control of the meal I’ll usually make food I can eat and they will enjoy. My aunt cooks the most like me in that there are always fresh vegetables and some sort of protein. She then has rice and or bread too, but if I have the option I’ll just say no thanks and fill up on vegetables. Lunches on the go are where the challenge comes in. I ate a few sandwiches this week because that is what was prepared for me. I’m usually a little looser when I’m around family as I don’t want to be “that” person. If it’s the only food we have, I’ll go ahead and eat it and not make a fuss.
grilled chicken!IMG_1392
Grilled chicken and salad-a dinner easy to navigate!
I’m curious to find out how all of you hand family and your eating habits. Does anyone give you a hard time? Is your family curious about what you eat and don’t eat or have they jumped on board to your way of life?


  1. Hi Shirley,
    Your family is lovely! I’m happy I got a chance to meet them. So much going on at the open house that I didn’t get a chance for a long chat. Maybe next time they visit we could all do dinner!
    Patricia :-)