Sweating to the oldies

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Richard Simmons and Right Cheek post workout

Last Thursday one of my students asked to take me to a fitness class for a holiday treat. I was surprised, excited and slightly nervous. This was because I’m usually the one in charge. As a coach and trainer I set the tone of the workout, know exactly what is happening and push the students when needed. Now the tables were about to turn. She was taking me somewhere, somewhere I didn’t know. I had no idea what the “fitness class” was going to be like. Many thoughts went through my head like, “would I be able to keep up?” and “am I coordinated enough?” (this is when I hope CrossFit has done what it needs to). I then asked what should I wear/bring. She said wear workout clothes and pack a towel and yoga mat, so I did. This lead me to believe I was heading to a yoga class, which I love. Then, thought for a bit and I asked if I needed shoes, and she said yes. Now I was really confused, but hey… I was still up for it.

Thursday 5:30pm rolled around and Elizabeth came to pick me up. I was excited but calm as we headed toward the unknown. We drove east, which was pretty slow going as it was rush hour and ended up in Beverly Hills. I still had no idea what we were doing. Next thing I see, SLIMMONS!!! We had just arrived at Richard Simmons aerobics class! I was so excited as I had never been before. We arrived pretty early and got to see the room filling up with people.

The room was filled with people of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels. I got a run down of what was going to happen form a lady who has been attending his class for 18 years. Everyone was so friendly and Richard, was full of energy as expected. He was just as I remember seeing him on TV and videos. The whole experience was great. I got to experience something new. I laughed, danced, sang and sweat. It was pretty amazing. We did traditional aerobics, plus weight training and a bit of abs to finish it off. Richards music was energetic and it was played on a record player, yep, Record Player! I knew Richard was older, but had no idea he would be playing records!
Taking this class was a little reminder to get out and try new things. I love CrossFit and yoga, and will continue to do them, but will make it a point to get out and try new fitness classes this year! Let me know if any of you wish to join in. Next stop, Pole dancing!
So, I have no recipe prepared for you all. This week has been hectic with travel and family. Though, I did have some delicious soup my friend made. It was a mix of Italian sausage, spinach, tomatoes and pasta along with some other great spices. I really enjoyed it and wanted to make a Paleo(ish) version of it when I return home. So, I did a little searching and am sharing just one recipe I found. I’m going to make the below recipe and add in some greens too. I’m sure it will be good. If you’re in a soupy mood, give this one a try: Sweet Tomato and Sausage Soup! And let me know what you think!


  1. Awesome! But now I am curios, are you allowed to say where the Simmons aerobics class was? I would love to try it and I am in L.A.

  2. I love this post Cheek!!! And I am SO. IN. for pole dancing!!! =)