Love and Light

Jalapeno Blueberry Salsa
The grief and shock that washed over me upon hearing about the Colorado shooting this past week reached a new level of depth inside of me.  That could of been any one of us, any one of my family, any one of my friends …  And for what?  Senseless tragedy.  I felt paralyzed by fear and sadness.  I was having a hard time processing these feelings until I read and resonated with the following words by the always insightful and eloquent Mastin from The Daily Love.  Thank you <3
“I woke up on Friday morning EXCITED about life. And then I read about Colorado.
My heart sank.
The movies are my favorite place to go. I am REALLY looking forward to seeing Batman. Jenna and I are supposed to go tonight. I want to cancel. I’m scared. What if there’s another one? The fear thoughts kept coming. I am heartbroken for the people that lost their lives. Especially, Jessica Redfield. She barely survived another incident only for her life to be claimed.
I can’t even begin to rationalize this moment, but what I can say is that Jessica’s words from her blog capture everything I want to say today.
“I say all the time that every moment we have to live our life is a blessing. So often I have found myself taking it for granted. Every hug from a family member. Every laugh we share with friends. Even the times of solitude are all blessings. Every second of every day is a gift. After Saturday evening, I know I truly understand how blessed I am for each second I am given.”
- Jessica Redfield
Jenna and I decided to not let fear rule our lives and go see Batman anyway. ‘Cuz if we hadn’t, then we would have let fear win. And we can’t live our lives that way.
In life there is tragedy and yet how we respond to these events will ultimately determine our destiny. What happened is a result of fear and the belief that we are all separate. We cannot allow the insanity of one to bring us down.
This is a moment of darkness and we are being asked to shine our Light even more brightly – for all those who lost their lives, for Jessica, for our loved ones and for ourselves.
It’s so easy to doubt in moments like this. And yet, it is exactly moments like this when we are asked to rise and show the world that Love is more powerful than fear. Let us mourn, but may we never cower.
Let us be grateful for the wisdom that Jessica displayed and use this event as a reminder to LIVE IT – every day.”
Hot Jalapeno Blueberry Salsa
2 cups fresh blueberries, chopped
1 cup whole fresh blueberries
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
3 Tablespoons chopped fresh cilantro
2 medium minced jalapeno peppers
1/3 cup diced red bell pepper
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
In a large bowl, carefully combine all ingredients.
Cover and chill until ready to serve. 
Serve with plantain chips, as a topping for fish or serve with a spoon for a snack!
Inspired by Recipe Girl.


  1. love this!!!

  2. It’s delicious and addicting :)

  3. Thank you for this,
    I stumbled upon your blog from pinterest looking for fun paleo/low carb recipes and just started reading.
    Imagine my surprise when I came upon an entry covering the theater shooting where my friend Jessica was killed.
    It is truly inspiring to me to see how many facets of my outside of hockey life that her legacy has touched.
    I look forward to reading more :)