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Coconut Soup
Delicious coconut soup
I know it’s not really soup season, but you CAN eat soup at any time, especially coconut soup.  I love coconut anything, soup, candy, milk, flakes, butter, oil, whatever it is, I usually like it.  The very first coconut soup I ever ate was a chilled sweet soup at a resaraunt I worked at in college. It had berries, zest of lime and coconut milk in it and it was amazing. Since then I have always been totally open to eating any and all coconut soups.  The first coconut soup I recommend you start with is one I made back in 2010 and you can find it HERE!  That soup is absolutely delicious and I highly recommend you make it.  This soup I made recently is in the same family, but a little different.  It’s light and full of vegetables and also relatively quick to make.  

Vegetable coconut soup

What you will need:
1 can of coconut milk  (full fat gives better texture, but it’s up to you)
1 can organic vegetable broth of water
2 carrots-peeled and chopped
1/2 onion- chopped
1/2 red bell pepper-chopped
1/4 of a purple eggplant-chopped
1 small package about 8 shittake mushrooms sliced
1/2 bag of crimini mushrooms sliced
1/2 jalapeno-sliced (large enough to remove pieces)
1 stalk lemon grass
3 pieces galangal route
juice of 1 lime
cilantro and black sesame seeds as garnish

1. In a soup pot with coconut oil cook onions and carrots until tender on medium heat. 
2. Next add in red bell peppers and cook for another couple minutes. 
3. Add in mushrooms and saute for for few minutes 
4. Add in coconut milk, broth, eggplant, lemon grass, lime juice, and galangal root and put a lid on it. Cook until all vegetable are tender and soft.
5. Season with salt and pepper to taste, and adjust spice as necessary.
6. Serve hot and garnished with cilantro and sesame seeds.


  1. Hi
    With the help of your guide i prepared a soup which is delicious thanks for the information