Feeling Cheesey

omlete 1
my cheesey omelet

I’ll admit it. I’ve been eating some cheese lately. It all started about three to four weeks ago.  I was at Whole Foods in Brentwood and I was just walking around. I came across the Cheese/wine area and got to thinking, “I haven’t had a really tasty cheese in a while”. Then it began.  I  ended up buying some goat cheese and ate it with crackers. I loved it so much the week after I bought another variety of goat cheese from another Whole Foods, but less off it  (half a wheel, because I knew I would eat it all). Then, last week I bought a wedge of brie cheese and a bit of bread to eat it with too.  

Oh how I love cheese. I love it on fruit, with crackers and by itself. I love it with Fig preserves (which got picked up in one of the trips to the store). Somewhere in the mix I ended up buying some goat cheese that crumbles. This is where the above omelet came into play.  I was making eggs, and wanted something a little different. So I mixed a little sweet, with a little creamy and little spicy all in one. You should try it!

What you will need:

Eggs- 2-3
1 spicy chicken andouille sausage (pre cooked)
1-2 Tbs goat cheese
1 Tbs fig preserves.

What to do:

1. Preheat fry pan to medium heat and coat with olive oil.
2. Beat eggs in a bowl.
3. Pour eggs into pan making sure to cover the bottom of the pan. While eggs are cooking chop sausage into slices. 
4. When eggs have solidified, flip entire egg over and top with sausage, cheese and fig preserves. Then fold half of egg on top and cook until cheese is melted ans sausage is warm.
5. Serve topped with a slice of sausage, a bit of cheese and a dollop of preserves.