Are… You… Ready???!! 2013 NO SUGAR CHALLENGE!!!


It’s time to kick the habit.  Hot chocolate with breakfast, leftover Christmas cookies for lunch, a little bit of ice cream after dinner … you all know you’re doing it!  The holidays are notorious for turning everyone’s taste buds into sugar craving addicts.  No more messing around Cheekers, we’re going cold turkey!  Not for 1 week, not 2, and not even 3 weeks … here at HQ we’re going for a full on 4 week no sugar challenge!  31 days to be exact, starting January 1st and ending January 31st.  (Righty doesn’t know about this yet…surprise! )

What does a No Sugar Challenge mean?  It’s up to your discretion.  Pick your poison and eliminate it.  If this means cookies, cakes, ice cream and all things processed dessert-like and delicious (Guilty!!!), then eliminate this.  If this means cream puffs and red wine, eliminate it.  If you want to go cray cray and eliminate ALL items with sugar in it, including miniscule amounts you’ll find in all processed foods (even though you shouldn’t be eating processed foods *shakes head*), then rock on and go for it!

This won’t be easy Cheekers.  The No Sugar Challenge can cause sugar sweats, daydreams of cupcakes, and turn a simple banana into tasting like a sugar stick.  But if you choose to accept this mission, the benefits far outweigh any Christmas cookie cream puffing red wine cinnamon bread coma any day.  WHO’S WITH ME??!!

How To Make Shredded Chicken.
In preparing a recipe that called for this I realized I didn’t know the proper way to do this!  I now present to you 2 shredded chicken options.
Option #1:  Bring a pot of water to a boil.  Add chicken breasts.  Be careful not to burn yourself when adding the breasts, the water does splash.  Be sure the water covers the chicken.  Boil for 15-20 minutes.  Boil until there is no longer pink inside the chicken.  Do not over boil, because it turns the chicken into rubber.  Gross chicken rubber.  Once the chicken is done, let it cool for about 5 minutes.  Then take 2 forks and pull the chicken apart into shreds.  Voila!  Shredded chicken.
Option #2:  Place chicken breasts in a crock pot.  Cover with water and cook on low for 4 hours.  The time may vary depending upon your crock pot.  As in option #1, do not over cook into gross rubber chicken and pull the chicken apart with 2 forks for shredding.


  1. ok.. i see how you slip in those extra days. I’m down.