Sugar Free Scam!

smoked salmon hash
I know you’re probably thinking “A scam?!  Is Lefty a phony!?? Has she been gorging on sugar this whole time and writing her posts while shoving cookies in her mouth?!!”  No, no, no my Cheekers, I am legit.  I’m sugar free, and as clean and happy as can be!  BUT there is something fishy going on that I took note of yesterday.
Every once and a while, whether it be from emotions or hormones or whatever may be, a Cheek just needs to gorge on some food!  Since sugar is not passing by these lips, I’ve found myself reaching for things I don’t normally consume.  One night it was a box of macaroni and cheese, the other day I had toast with my omelette, and last night I devoured a bowl of popcorn 2 sizes bigger then my head!!
What’s going on with my taste buds?  Substitute sugaring it appears to me.  So today my Cheekers, I’m recommitting to you to get back into my normal eating habits, sans sugar and sans sugar substituting.  We’re just about half way through this no sugar kick.  Keep up the great work!  Watch out for sugar substituting!  And don’t be involved in a sugar free scam.
Smoked Salmon Sweet Potato Hash
This is my new FAVORITE dish!  This sweet and salty combo is deliciously addicting.
1 Tablespoon olive oil
2 sweet potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
1 (4-ounce) package smoked salmon
2 eggs
Wash your sweet potatoes.  Over a medium sized bowl, using a grater, grate your potatoes into hash.
Heat a large skillet over medium-high heat.  Add olive oil, sweet potato hash, salt and pepper.  Mix well and cook until browned 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Break up smoked salmon and add to the hash.  Cook for a couple more minutes until done.  Remove hash to a plate.
Cook your eggs in the skillet to your liking.  Add on top of the hash.
Inspired by Whole Foods.


  1. Found this recipe yesterday and decided this was going to be my breakfast today. It was as good as you said it would be even though it was sugar free. They looked decently like these photos but what was important was they tasted awesome.

  2. Thomas Paccioretti says:

    Just cooked up this rascal. Excellent. Used fresh eggs (from my neighbor’s urban farmer friend) and packaged salmon. Very satisfying – I see cooking this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Thanks.