Egg-ceptionally Annoying.

Bacon Sandwich

As most of you guys know, I haven’t eaten much sugar in 2013.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t eat any sugar in all of January, so it was a little surprising (and a lot annoying) when I began to develop acne last month in February.  What?!  I’m eating my healthy little buns off, what’s the deal, body?!  After trying different face washes and lotions to no avail, I decided to dig a little deeper.  I ordered myself a food allergy test, then patiently and pimply waited for the results.

There was only one food item that it turns out I’m highly allergic to…egg whites.  Yup, that’s right, not eggs, not egg yolks, but egg whites.  My staple food.  My go to gal.  My breakfast, lunch, and/or sometimes dinner.  Egg whites!!!!  Aw geesh.  Of course though, my vanity is much more important then the egg, so I cut those babies out and soon after my skin calmed down.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’ll eat eggs again.  But it’s time to branch out in the breakfast world from my two eggs and kale continuum.

I’ve seen this little gem bopping around on the internet and decided to give it a go…yum…

Bacon Sandwich

Cook bacon.

Cover one piece of bacon with a load of guacamole.

Top with bacon.



  1. That really sucks, Alyssa! I am not sure what I would do if I received that news. I am already unable to eat the WLC staple of nuts due to food allergy. No eggs would be a real kick in the junk. That said, if anyone can “menu” their way around this hiccup, you can! Good luck!

  2. The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago; no more eggs, no more nuts. So annoying! Yet I do feel better now I’m cutting those out, so I guess it’s worth it after all. You can make so many delicious egg-free breakfasts, really :)

  3. What allergy test did you use? Or did you just see a doctor? Thanks.

    • Hi Brian!
      As an acupuncturist I have access to food allergy testing. I take some blood, mail it out to a lab and voila… results! If you are located in Los Angeles and interested in this, then please contact me.