Chimmi What?



Today I head up to Oregon to celebrate a very special birthday. My niece Emery is turning 3 years old and we are having a party. I’m excited to see her and the whole family.  The excitement has escalated as we chat on the phone often, and skype more regularly and we are only 1 sleep away from seeing each other.   I can’t wait to bring my new “mermaid” nail polish that my friend and client Jill gave me and make our nails look fabulous for the party. A girl only turns 3 once and I wouldn’t miss it!  Now- onto the food business.

I posted to facebook the other day that I ate steak, chimichurri and salad and I got a response that said: “what’s a chimichurri?” I posted a link to a simple recipe for chimichurri and hope all was clarified. It’s a simple green sauce that originated in Argentina and traditional is served with meat,  it’s paleo and so tasty. I’ve made it a few times, the first time was two years ago I wrote it in this post .  Traditionally it’s not made in a food processor, but I like the ease of it and just made sure not to process it so much that it comes out smooth, chunks are good. I ate this on steak,  eggs, vegetables, then I added coconut milk to make it creamy and topped my steak with it and dipped vegetables in it too. I would love to hear your variation of chimichurri. I know some of you out there have your very own special recipe.

Chimichurri Sauce

1 bunch of flat leaf parsley-stems removed (large bunch)

1/2 small bunch (trader joes) oregano- stems removed

3 cloves garlic

healthy pour of olive oil

small splash of red wine vinegar

dash of crushed red pepper

salt to taste

optional coconut milk

What to do:

I put herbs and garlic in food processor and pulsed slowly. Then added in olive oil until nice a moist. Add in vinegar and spices than taste. Depending on what texture you are looking for add more olive oil.

To make a creamy dip- mix with full fat coconut milk, or just the creamy top portion of the coconut milk. My creamy chimichurri is photographed above, and it was amazing!


  1. Making me hungry!!

  2. Erika… you are always hungry! :)