Whip it good!



Life goes in waves, waves of more cooking and less cooking, right now I’m in the cooking less wave. I’m also in the starting to work out more wave. For a while there I was a one time a week workout girl, ok, maybe twice a week, either way, it’s not the best approach to fitness. LA Marathon is done, the CrossFit Open is complete, now it’s back to working out regularly.  This week also bring the end of The Whole Life Challenge  is exciting as I loved to see how many people stuck it out to the end, had a great time, made wonderful progress and made changes that they will stick with.

This post is not really a recipe, but a simple tasty treat to top anything you like. It’s whipped coconut cream and I truly enjoyed it.


Whipped coconut cream

What you will need:

1 can full fat coconut cream-refrigerated


any fresh or frozen fruit to serve your whipped topping on

What to do:

Using a spoon separate the cream (thick goodness) from the water/milk. Put cream into mixer bowl, set aside water/milk, reserves for later use. Whip cream on high speed with stand beater or electric hand beater until stiff. Serve atop whatever you like.  I chose blueberries, blackberries and topped with cinnamon and walnuts.


  1. Thanks! I am going to enjoy this tonight;)


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