Something simple

eggs and rice

Sometimes I find it challenging to write something I want to share with you all. I’ll always share what I’m eating, how my workouts are going and how much I love miss G. But otherwise,  I’m just not that brave. It takes me a while to open up to people, to those that I have, thank you. I love you all for allowing me to be me.  It’s a work in progress and I’m leaning the more you share, the better life is!

“rice” and eggs

What you will need

Cauliflower rice- just follow the recipe for the rice here and omit the chicken, olives and spinach.

This recipe is easiest if you have leftover “rice”, best made ahead of time.

2 eggs- beaten

black sesame seed

sirachasa sauce (optional)


olive oil or coconut oil

In a fry pan with a little olive oil heat about 1 cup- 1.5 cups of “rice” until hot. Next add in beaten eggs and cook until eggs are firm. Plate and top with sesame seeds, siracha and avocado on the side. Enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner.


  1. Yes Cheek!!! So true:) I love you.


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