Power Greens

Power Greens

It’s no secret that I love kale. I love it in salads and I loved it cooked. So, I was super stoked to find a new kale mix at Trader Joes! My old favorite kale mix was made by harvest sensations, but they changed things lately, by adding in a salad dressing package. So, I was really pleased to be trying this NEW to me mix.

I have no recipe to share with you, no secret anything, just a photo of “the power greens” and what I whipped up for lunch the other day. My favorite thing to do with the greens in throw them in a bowl, drizzle with olive oil, lemon juice and salt. Toss it up and then top with whatever you like. I sautéed up some onions, cooked an organic burger patty, topped the patty with some mashed sweet potatoes then topped with a fried egg and tomatoes.


How do you like your greens?


power greens with patty