What Happened To Lefty?

A couple weeks ago I went off the radar.  I wasn’t CrossFitting, I wasn’t cooking, and I wasn’t posting.  A bunch of stuff has been happening, and here it is in no particular order …

For the last couple months of CrossFitting, my body wasn’t getting the results I wanted from the workouts, I felt sore and wasted and awful after a WOD, my skin was breaking out, and I was gaining weight.  I was not a happy Cheek.  Instead of working out harder, working out more, and getting more strict with my food choices … I decided it was time for change.  Change is a scary thing for a lot of people.  After 5 years of CrossFit, there definitely  was a voice in the back of my head telling me that nothing else will keep me in shape like a good WOD.  But I took the chance.  This month has been full of yoga, hiking, stair climbing, hip hop dancing, salsa dancing, bootcamp classes on reformer machines, and more dancing.  I gotta tell you … it’s been fantastic!  I’m having a ton of fun, learning new skills, meeting new people, I feel more slim and toned and trim then I have in a long time, my energy is through the roof, my skin is gorgeous and glowing again, and my body doesn’t hurt. Change is good.

Another shift I’ve taken is with my food.  My acupuncture office has had an extremely busy year and it just keeps getting busier.  This is awesome for my business, but not so awesome for having time to cook.  I was getting in about 1.5 good meals per day and then due to lack of preparation I would snack, eat junk or not eat for the remainder of the day.  Fact of the matter is I don’t have time to look up recipes, modify them Paleo style, cook them, take  pictures, and post about them.  I’m sorry Cheekers.  Here I go retiring yet again!  Lol!  So once again, I knew I needed to change something.  I needed to adapt and find something new that works for me.  I took a tip from Tim Ferris’s “Four Hour Body” book.  He suggests eating the same few meals all week, then having one day a week where you basically eat anything and everything you want.  I started to eat a boatload of cooked veggies, protein, and beans for every meal.  Yes, beans.  Instead of balancing my meals out with excess fat, I’ve subbed in beans.  And yet again, this has been working fantastic for me.  It’s quick and easy to have prepped and ready, there are endless combos to this meal so I haven’t been bored with it, it keeps me satiated for a very long time – my need for snacking has hugely diminished, I’m slim, trim, not bloated, I don’t crave sugar, and my one day of eating anything and everything satisfies my urge to eat anything different.  So far this is working for me and working well.  Tim has a lot of other tips and tricks in his book that I’ve been trying out, I’d recommend checking it out.

A huge lesson I’ve learned thus far with all of this is to question things.  I’d been in CrossFit Paleo mode for quite sometime, and for quite sometime it worked for me.  But life gets busy, hormones shift, body’s need less impact, and the muscles need a change.  Experiment on yourself.  What’s working for me right now is dancing my booty off and eating beans.  Does this mean I’ll never CrossFit again?  Probably not.  I love me a good oly lift!  But for now my dear sweet Cheekers … I bid you adieu.  I love you!!!

PS I’ve posted this TED video, one, because I don’t have a recipe to post for you! :)  And two, because it is a powerful moving piece on a doctor who questions things.  Be sure to watch it to the end… amazing.


  1. jonahewell says:

    Nice! Good to hear you’re experimenting with what works for you. You have to constantly adapt and change as your body changes.

  2. Great TedTalk….thanks for posting this. xo