Being Greedy

warm broiled orange salad

I’ll be honest, I’ve been a little greedy lately. I’ve been cooking, taking photos and not sharing with you all on the blog. You’ve seen some photos on Facebook, but some of you wanted more info. So, today I share my warm orange salad.

Life is going well, Miss G has been happy lately and I’ve been working out quite regularly. I even did yoga today and it’s been quite a while. Wow, class was hot and hard :) . May not have been the best class to come back to after being off for a couple months, but so be it. I feel slitghly detoxed (not that I was toxified) but I did some good breathing and sweating.


Broiled orange salad

what you need:

3 oranges, reserve 1 orange for zesting

1/2 cup walnuts

cinnamon, chili powder and paprika to taste

zest of 1 orange

what to do:

Turn oven onto high broil

1. Slice both ends off the oranges, then cut off all peels, half and cut into slices.

2. Arrange orange slices on foiled lined baking sheet and place walnuts in between.

3. Season with cinnamon, chili powder  and a little paprika.

4. Broil until oranges are warm and a little crispy

5. Tss in a bowl, and serve atop greens or serve alone. Top with orange zest



  1. Thomas Paccioretti says:

    Glad Ms. G. is doing well and that you are back to posting. Miss you and Lefty. Cheers.