Carrot Ginger Soup


carrot ginger soup I was out to dinner monday night and got inspired by a soup they served some of my friends. I did not taste the soup, but decided I could probably make something similar. So, I took matters into my own hands and created my very own Carrot Ginger Soup. I had all [...]

Banana Pancakes (gluten free)


gluten free banana pancakes I really love the taste and texture of bread and baked goods, though I’m fully aware they are not so good for me. I think it’s important to have balance and eat those things occasionally but keep it clean most of the time. This recipe is one that can help you [...]

Dress it up in Ginger!


Ginger dressing over steamed bok choy-pair this with some protein and you are good to go I truly love vegetables. I love how they taste, their texture and how they look, I even love them naked. Sometimes it’s nice to dress them up a bit. It’s escpecially nice to know what exactly is in your [...]

Calling all the ladies!


It’s 7pm on Thursday February 4th- Where should you be? lululemon Santa Monica for Burlesque for your Booty! Yep- Burlesque for your booty. You’ll get a workout, meet some great people and get in touch with your feminine side. It’s all part of February- Love You Life @ lululemon! This event is for ladies only [...]