exercising with regularity


The week isn’t even over and I’ve worked out 4 times. I did CrossFit 3 times and took a nice little run today. I have to admit, it feels good to be back. I was working out, but just not consistently. I’m also back to cooking and eating healthy (ish) So, I whipped up this [...]



  Life is constantly changing, some of it’s slow and not so noticeable and some of it’s big and super noticeable. We are all growing and adapting to best fit into our environment. For me, change is often hard, sometimes its delayed and when all is done, usually it’s for the better.  Well, Sweet Cheeks [...]

Mint pesto?


  Sometimes when I cook, Tony will often say ” you know what would make this really good?” and I say “what?”, Tony then says: “lemon, mint and peppers”. So, today I share with you my mint pesto. I served it on chicken, but you could easily put it on lamb or pork, or use [...]

Pot o’curry!

chicken curry-001

  One pot makes things soooo much easier. I know I don’t have to tell you all. It’s really quite simple, all you need is a few minutes to chop, spice it up and let it go, then onto other business for the day.  Today I made curried chicken, actually, its cooking as I’m writing [...]

Whip it good!


  Life goes in waves, waves of more cooking and less cooking, right now I’m in the cooking less wave. I’m also in the starting to work out more wave. For a while there I was a one time a week workout girl, ok, maybe twice a week, either way, it’s not the best approach [...]

Chimmi What?


  Today I head up to Oregon to celebrate a very special birthday. My niece Emery is turning 3 years old and we are having a party. I’m excited to see her and the whole family.  The excitement has escalated as we chat on the phone often, and skype more regularly and we are only [...]



This brownie tasted so good I thought I was cheating. It might be that I’ve been eating so clean that any dessert like thing is AMAZING, or it might be that they are really amazing. I swear they are a truly legit treat. Legit meaning no processed sugar, to be clear there is sugar in [...]

My First Marathon


I did it!!  I ran my first marathon ever. I even ran the whole thing, well besides the one bathroom break and the slow downs to grab water, drink it and move on. It was pretty cool. Who knew that I would ever do a marathon? (well I guess I did, because I planned to [...]

The usual suspects


  This week I’m not sharing an amazing new inventive recipe. In fact, there is no recipe at all, just a little sharing about what’s going on, what I’ve been eating, or not eating.  As some of you know I’m in the middle of the Whole Life Challenge right now, it’s been super helpful to [...]

it’s not oatmeal, it’s NOTmeal


Two weeks ago when I went to my Whole Life Challenge Food Co-op, Laura had brought us some notmeal. It was amazing. I ate mine with eggs and was ready to replicate the next day. Laura’s notmeal was made with Acorn squash as the base and had the following ingredients that I’ve listed below.  Now [...]