Playing with pancakes- Part 1

butternut squash cake

Yep, I’ve been playing with pancakes. I’ve done it a few times, and decided it’s time to share with you all. I’ve made the egg white and banana soufflé cakes and they were delicious, Thanks Michael!  But I wanted to change things up so I tried egg white and sweet potato, also good but it  didn’t [...]

Happy Valentines Day

skillet salmon

Cheeks, THANK YOU!! Thank you all for reading, cooking and following along with the cheeks, it’s truly appreciated. Contrary to what you might be expecting I have not prepared something sweet for you all.  I have been eating sugar-which will soon come to a hault as the Whole Life Challenge is about to begin, but I [...]

My First Brisket…..

my first brisket

and I’m darn proud of it. A while back you might remember I posted about my first chicken and I also shared with you about my first pot roast. (which I was totally confused with what or how to cook it). I’m pretty comfortable baking, working with vegetables but meat is a different story. We [...]

The end of 2013 Sugar Free Challenge

Kale Salad

  Today is the day, and much like lefty, I’m a little unsure and nervous about tomorrow. You would think I would be celebrating, but instead I feel more of a burden. The whole reason we had the no sugar challenge was because Lefty and I had ODed on sugar. The holiday brought it on [...]

It’s not happening


sweet “sugarless” nuts It’s really not happening. I’m not sick. I had just at little tickle in my nose the other day, then a little something in my throat, but I’ve loaded up on vitamin C, been hydrating and getting rest. This morning when I woke up I felt pretty darn good, but I don’t [...]

Running LA marathon


I’m not sure all of you know what’s been going on in my life, but it has involved a bit more running than usual. That’s because I registered for the LA marathon and I need to get some miles under my belt. Let me explain, my training plan is not the most regimented, and might [...]

I messed up


I love to multitask, so much that it gets me in trouble. I was thinking I would start my soup on the stove, cook up my chicken, then move onto the next step. Trouble was I forgot. I didn’t forget and burn the chicken. I forgot about the chicken cooling and failed to put it [...]

Soup season is starting


Last week when I was away at my sisters I made two soups. One of them was a sweet potato and apple soup, that was a mix of leftover roasted vegetables we had on Christmas Day. It was creamy, savory and sweet. Soup number two was a chicken tortilla (ish) soup.  Both were good and [...]



I’m up in Oregon at my sister’s house. That’s why this post is a day late. And……. the Internet was down and I got sick. Tis the season for celebration, family, fun and sickness. I was a little sick a few weeks back, but healed up before it was time to travel up to Oregon [...]

Family Time


I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of the year.  In just a couple weeks I’ll be up in Oregon spending time with my family and friends and trying to keep my toes dry and my body warm. As my travel date gets closer I’m getting more and more excited to go see my [...]