Sugar Monster


Sometimes I get the impression that you guys think just because we’re the Sweet Cheeks, we eat all healthy foods all the time.  Heehee! *snort* BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!  No. Way.  Nor actually would I want to.  I love eating Paleo style the majority of the time, for so many reasons – weight management, deliciousness, energy levels, etc. [...]

Jelly In My Belly


I’ve got a new acupuncture office! It’s wonderful. It’s peaceful and Zen and a perfect little place for healing. There’s only one problem and it’s called Jelly Bellys. Yes, Jelly Belly jelly beans sit on the front desk. The facialist who’s office I moved into told me I can move around anything in the office, [...]

Taking the leap!


The time has come! As most of you know I’ve been working 3 jobs like a crazy woman as I start up my own acupuncture practice. Well yesterday I listened to my gut. I put in my 2 week notice at the restaurant I serve at. I have no savings, no detailed plan of action, [...]

Winging it!


There are 2 types of Cheeks at headquarters. The first type can whip up an absolutely mouth watering dish out of nowhere! A dash of this, a little of this, pair it with this and bam! No need for recipes or cookbooks when this Cheek is rocking the kitchen. The second type of Cheek is [...]

Sweet Cheeks in your home!


Sweet Cheeks Headquarters has been a rocking! Instead of writing you lovely Cheekers a post last night, I was called out to do some in home Paleo cooking with the Right Cheek for a client of ours. This is a new venture for The Cheeks but so far, so good! Our client loves the food, [...]

Holy Mole-Happy Cinco De Mayo!


mole on chicken with califlower rice In celebration of Mexican heritage I made Mole. Well……and because I absolutely love mole. I remember one of the first times I ate mole at Lares in Santa Monica. I had just moved to Southern California and my aunt took me out. Their mole with chicken is pretty amazing. [...]

Go fish!


Does pizza make you cranky? Do cookies give you a giggle? Have you ever felt depressed after indulging in that cheat meal? Find the answers to these questions and more tomorrow on CrossFit Los Angeles‘s Sweet Cheeks HQ guest blog post! Tasty Tuna! 1 lemon for juice and zest 1 teaspoon crushed garlic 2 Tablespoon [...]

Settling in


baked salmon topped with balsamic reduction and mango salsa If you have been following us on Facebook or are a friend that got “in on the action”, you know that we have moved. (THANK YOU MOVER FRIENDS!) It may seem like we have moved a few times, and we have! The journey is to be [...]

Oldie but goodie


Sometimes life gets busy. Who’s with me out there? With work, holidays, workouts, flirting, studying, yoga class, Facebooking, traffic, Starbucks-ing, dog walking, Sweet Cheeking and on and on (Rough life I lead, huh? Heehee!), who’s got time to cook right? But guess what? You do! Just take an old favorite and put a new spin [...]

Day late and a dollar short


Asparagus approved by Enzo. I was invited to my girlfriend’s house for a night of dinner and chick chat. She was cooking up the infamous Sweet Cheeks meatza! A gaggle of women eating meat. Paleo man’s fantasy? Anywhoooo… I was in charge of bringing a salad but had one of those days when every hour [...]