My favorite Snack


Snacks are great, in fact sometimes I wish I were a kid so there would be specific times to sit down and have snacks with all my friends. Instead, I usually snack when the time permits. Sweet Cheeks HQ has one snack in particular that never seems to get old. Drum roll please……..Apples and nut [...]

Artichokes…who’da thought?!


When is the last time you ate an artichoke? Yeah, not so much huh? Well it turns out you should be. Recent studies have shown that artichokes contain an unusual amount of antioxidants. So much in fact that the United States Department of Agriculture has raised it’s ranks to be the number one vegetable in [...]

What’s in the Fridge @ Sweet Cheeks


Trips to the farmer’s market and grocery store are not uncommon here at Sweet Cheeks HQ. We enjoy our food and like to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, so regular trips to the market are happening weekly. We have lots of fruits and vegetables, herbs, meats and eggs. We also have the regular condiments [...]

Welcome to Sweet Cheeks Blog!

Thanks for stopping by, as you can see we are just getting set up. This blog will provide you with lots of fun recipes, food ideas and fun photos for your enjoyment. Please keep checking back as we will be updating it very soon!