Happy Love Day!


if this egg dish doesn’t say love… I don’t know what will Lefty and I are now two days into the WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE. All is good. I’m hydrated, mobilized, loaded with fish oil and sugar free! The nutrition portion is the most challenging part of the challenge for me. Let me get more specific, [...]

Bacon Dreams


  I forgot how much I loved the crock pot. Choppity chop, stick it in the pot and go to bed! The delicious smell fills up the house as you sleep, causing visions of bacon to dance in your head! Then you wake up to breakfast hot and ready! Oh crock pot how I love [...]

Holiday Hustle


sausage, mushroom and onion egg bake! This weekend I ventured out to The Grove! Yep, Its official, the holidays are here! You probably know that but I just got confirmation. It wasn’t so much the life size gingerbread house, or the lights covering everything or the holiday music, but the amount of people that were [...]

Breakfast pie!


  Okay, two holidays down and two more to go! How is everyone hanging in there? I hope you’ve indulged, but not too much! I hope you’ve skipped your workout for a holiday party, but not too many times! I hope you ate your favorite pie for Thanksgiving, but didn’t eat it again for breakfast [...]

My Kids


Try this for your next breakfast!     Did you know I have kids? Ok, they’re not really “my kids”, but for a couple days a week for 45min at a time they are mine. I have to admit it NEVER seems like enough time, there is always so much more to learn, try and [...]

Just a bump in the road


spaghetti squash muffins I was doing so well, then I hit a bump. I’m talking about a bump in my clean little paleo path. Nov. 1st was the re-start of my paleo journey. Basically it was a time to start cleaning up the diet again and getting back to better health. It’s been pretty smooth [...]

Paleo Breakfast Egg Bake


my new “egg bake” You all looked at the photos on facebook in awe, and now it’s finally time to reveal what I’ve been cooking. I was in the mood for a “new” breakfast dish. Something paleo, easy to prep and of course, it must taste good. I have to admit, I’m the only person [...]

Unplanned Goodness


unplanned goodness Some things don’t always go as planned, and it’s totally OK. We can plan and organize as much as we like, but life will happen and we continue on. Case in hand: Last week I had roasted up a bunch of vegetables with the plan of making my new favorite dip. Then, I [...]

One More Day!


In just one more day my team and I will be down in Long Beach competing at the CrossFit So Cal regional competition. It’s been a challenging and fun journey preparing for regionals. This year has been different than past years in that we have a coach. Coach Kenny, he’s been here supporting, cheering, coaching, [...]

Bring on the pain!


Today I’m sore. One hike, one yoga class and two beach workouts later my quads, my glutes and my triceps are feeling it. It’s not quite that “lower yourself down to the toilet seat while holding on to the wall” sore (you know what I’m talking about). It’s more of a “bend down to pick [...]