Monday, Love Day


handheld breakfast Valentines day! I can feel the love in the air, actually, I feel a bit of a chill in the air. Either way, today is a great day to show yourself a little love. I challenge you to give your heart a workout, put something really nourishing in your body and listen to [...]

Eggsellent breakfast idea


Hello Paleo challenge participants! We’ve told you not to eat your doughnuts, muffins or cereal. So what’s a gal to eat? If you carb and sugar loaded latte and muffin aren’t in the mix of things, how will you ever survive? hmmmm. What about real food? Something you can make in the comfort of your [...]

Waffles……. coconut flour waffles that is


It’s Sunday morning and you’ve got a little extra time….right? Well, maybe it’s Monday and you’ve got a little extra time, whatever it may be, make some time for these gluten free waffles, made with coconut flour. Now they aren’t paleo because they have agave in them, but they sure are tasty and did I [...]

Hash IT out—No Recipe Required


=””> b-fast hash with eggs, potatoes, almonds, apples, turkey burgers and cheese on half It’s not apple season anymore, but for some reason I continue to buy them. Sometimes I get lucky with a good crunch, but lately they have been a mealy mess. I don’t like to think of myself as much of a [...]

Take Two- Egg Chick muffins!

Recipe inspired by the The last egg chick muffins were such a hit, I figured lets try them again. I included some of my favorite breakfast foods in the mix and came out with something quite tasty. These are easy to carry with you and don’t take long to prepare! What you will need: [...]

Sweet Cheek Egg Chick Muffins.


Eat your heart out Ronald McDonald. You roll over in bed and open up your eyes to see the clock reading 45 minutes past when you set your alarm! Crap. You swear you only closed your eyes for a second! You jump out of bed, trip on your shoes you left on the floor and [...]