Lefty’s Lowdown


For those of you that have followed us for a while, you probably remember when I, Lefty got engaged to Mr. Cheek.  Well unfortunately a small while back Mr. Cheek and I decided to get unengaged.  But don’t fret, it’s all good.  And Mr. Cheek knows he will always hold a very special place in [...]

Whip it good!


  Life goes in waves, waves of more cooking and less cooking, right now I’m in the cooking less wave. I’m also in the starting to work out more wave. For a while there I was a one time a week workout girl, ok, maybe twice a week, either way, it’s not the best approach [...]

I heart Cavemen.

Apple Scone

Happy Easter everyone!!!  If you haven’t eaten enough Peeps, chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, and all things sugary and Easter…  whip up a batch of these babies this week!  My favorite food blogger, The Civilized Caveman, has done it again.  He never ceases to please me with his recipes.  I don’t usually bake Paleo style goods, [...]



This brownie tasted so good I thought I was cheating. It might be that I’ve been eating so clean that any dessert like thing is AMAZING, or it might be that they are really amazing. I swear they are a truly legit treat. Legit meaning no processed sugar, to be clear there is sugar in [...]

Why Lefty Left All The Cabinets Open.

Baked Apples

I’ve been a little off this week because I’ve been so busy lately.  It started with not making my bed, then continued with not washing my dishes.  I left my clothes out instead of putting them away, and left the cabinets open instead of closing them.  Next thing you know I’ve only worked out once [...]

Brett Favre Cheeks


  A couple weeks ago I announced my retirement from Sweet Cheeks stating I needed to focus full force on the acupuncture business.  In case you were wondering, I’ve since erased that posting because I didn’t want new future readers to think I had quit!   Today I would like to officially announce that I am [...]

Sugar Monster


Sometimes I get the impression that you guys think just because we’re the Sweet Cheeks, we eat all healthy foods all the time.  Heehee! *snort* BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!  No. Way.  Nor actually would I want to.  I love eating Paleo style the majority of the time, for so many reasons – weight management, deliciousness, energy levels, etc. [...]

Throw a Cheek a bone!


As many of you know I’ve been studying for my California state acupuncture license exam which is now 21 days away. This is the biggest most important test of my entire life, so I’ve been pretty strict with myself in order to minimize distraction. For the past three months I’ve put my dating life on [...]

Gluten free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread


As I racked my brain for what to cook for the week, the only thing that I kept thinking of was baked goods. What baked good comes next? On my list of to-dos, there are coconut sugar cookies, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, Nutty cookies, chocolate crack and Divinity just to name a few. Over [...]

The Love


Made with love. Are you feeling it? The Love? The air has been thick with it lately. I’m not sure why, but I’m liking it! Maybe it’s the holidays? Twinkling lights, ice skating rinks, Christmas trees tied to the tops of cars. Maybe it’s the weather? Cool crisp air, warm cozy apartments, Uggs hugging my [...]