Zoom Zoomed!


When we last left the Left Cheek, she was on her way her first Zumba class … I must admit, it was not exactly what I expected.  Maybe it was the teacher I had, but it was WAY more of an abs workout, then a cardio sweat fest.  I completely understand why my teacher had [...]

Too hot to handle!


Yesterday I tried hot yoga for the first time. I love me some yoga and I love hot weather! You’d think I’d love the two of them together, but boy was I wrong! About half way through this class I was dying. Drenched and dripping everywhere in sweat, irritable from the heat and unable to [...]

Happy Love Day!


if this egg dish doesn’t say love… I don’t know what will Lefty and I are now two days into the WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE. All is good. I’m hydrated, mobilized, loaded with fish oil and sugar free! The nutrition portion is the most challenging part of the challenge for me. Let me get more specific, [...]

Paleo Breakfast Egg Bake


my new “egg bake” You all looked at the photos on facebook in awe, and now it’s finally time to reveal what I’ve been cooking. I was in the mood for a “new” breakfast dish. Something paleo, easy to prep and of course, it must taste good. I have to admit, I’m the only person [...]

Lunch Time


There comes a time in the middle of the day when it’s too late for breakfast and too early for dinner. We call it lunch. Sometimes it’s easy to decide what to eat. Many of the times it’s last nights dinner. Which works great, unless you are feeling little more ambitious. I was less ambitions [...]

Unplanned Goodness


unplanned goodness Some things don’t always go as planned, and it’s totally OK. We can plan and organize as much as we like, but life will happen and we continue on. Case in hand: Last week I had roasted up a bunch of vegetables with the plan of making my new favorite dip. Then, I [...]

Bring on the pain!


Today I’m sore. One hike, one yoga class and two beach workouts later my quads, my glutes and my triceps are feeling it. It’s not quite that “lower yourself down to the toilet seat while holding on to the wall” sore (you know what I’m talking about). It’s more of a “bend down to pick [...]

Monday, Love Day


handheld breakfast Valentines day! I can feel the love in the air, actually, I feel a bit of a chill in the air. Either way, today is a great day to show yourself a little love. I challenge you to give your heart a workout, put something really nourishing in your body and listen to [...]

Eggsellent breakfast idea


Hello Paleo challenge participants! We’ve told you not to eat your doughnuts, muffins or cereal. So what’s a gal to eat? If you carb and sugar loaded latte and muffin aren’t in the mix of things, how will you ever survive? hmmmm. What about real food? Something you can make in the comfort of your [...]

Take Two- Egg Chick muffins!

Recipe inspired by the paleoplan.com The last egg chick muffins were such a hit, I figured lets try them again. I included some of my favorite breakfast foods in the mix and came out with something quite tasty. These are easy to carry with you and don’t take long to prepare! What you will need: [...]