As a lot of you know I’ve shied away from cooking meat. Not the basics, or the simple stuff, but I do get intimidated with a nice cut of steak. Many years ago George Forman was my God. He guided my way through chicken, chicken, chicken and oh yeah, a few peanut butter and apple [...]

Twice Baked

twice baked potatoe

As I kid I remember eating my first twice baked potato. I  had just finished my summer job at the Tillamook County  Fair and we had a celebration dinner at a local club to close out the fair. We only have a few choices for dinner and I chose the chicken and a twice baked [...]

Sweet Cheeks Uncut!


The other day as I was in a rush, I whipped up something quick and tasty from the few random ingredients I had in my fridge.  Right before I was about to scarf down the entire dish I realized…”Durrrrrr Lefty!  Take a picture of this for the blog!  I should share this too even though [...]

Egg-ceptionally Annoying.

Bacon Sandwich

As most of you guys know, I haven’t eaten much sugar in 2013.  As a matter of fact, I didn’t eat any sugar in all of January, so it was a little surprising (and a lot annoying) when I began to develop acne last month in February.  What?!  I’m eating my healthy little buns off, [...]

Family Time


I can’t believe that it’s almost the end of the year.  In just a couple weeks I’ll be up in Oregon spending time with my family and friends and trying to keep my toes dry and my body warm. As my travel date gets closer I’m getting more and more excited to go see my [...]

It Started with Figs


fresh, beautiful figs A friend of mine posted a beautiful photo of figs on Instagram the other day and said “who wants some?” Of course I replied, ME!! Who wouldn’t want fresh, local figs? Then we scheduled a doggy play date to do the exchange. Double whammy- Ginger got to play and meet Wiley-a handsome [...]

Swimming again


sweet potato skins   I’ve finally gotten myself back in the pool and it feels good. Swimming is still a relatively new thing for me as it was the fall of 2010 where I started to get myself into the pool.  It was at that point I became a bit more peaceful and relaxed.  Last [...]

Shaved brussels hash


shaved hash   This delicious dish pictured above was amazing. It’s a mix of my hash which I made a while ago with some of Lefty’s shaved brussels dish. I often just throw things together using what I have and or after reading about something and kinda remembering what is was.   I hope you all [...]

Lazy Cheeks


Ya know, sometimes I just want to sleep in a little longer, take a week off of working out, cuddle up on my big fluffy couch and bury my nose in books and internet time!  Yup, it’s a bit lazy.  Yup, I can see the beautiful sunny day outside calling to me through the window. [...]

Too hot to handle!


Yesterday I tried hot yoga for the first time. I love me some yoga and I love hot weather! You’d think I’d love the two of them together, but boy was I wrong! About half way through this class I was dying. Drenched and dripping everywhere in sweat, irritable from the heat and unable to [...]