Holiday Hustle


sausage, mushroom and onion egg bake! This weekend I ventured out to The Grove! Yep, Its official, the holidays are here! You probably know that but I just got confirmation. It wasn’t so much the life size gingerbread house, or the lights covering everything or the holiday music, but the amount of people that were [...]

Peachy Pigs!


prosciutto wrapped peaches I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately, and let me tell you, they ARE GOOD. My body has been in need of green things, so I gave in (just being honest). I’ll start with mixed greens, add a bit of sweetness (fruit) and a bit of crunch (nuts) and maybe some [...]

I’ve been eating a lot of salads lately. I’ve just been craving green things, adding a bit of sweetness and a bit of crunch. My favorite salads include fruit, nuts and a savory little something. What you will need: Proscuttio Fresh Organic Peaches Chop your peach into slices Take one slice of prosucuttio and wrap [...]

S & S (sweet and spicy)


Lately, I have been in much more of a creative cooking mode than creative writing mode. So, today you get pork and pineapple, plain and simple! Ok… so here’s a little more. I bought two pineapples last week at Whole foods. The produce guy was super amazing with his ability to answer all of my [...]

Winging it!


There are 2 types of Cheeks at headquarters. The first type can whip up an absolutely mouth watering dish out of nowhere! A dash of this, a little of this, pair it with this and bam! No need for recipes or cookbooks when this Cheek is rocking the kitchen. The second type of Cheek is [...]

Caught in the cookie jar!


The Cheeks have moved!! We got a new apartment this week and so far absolutely love it! The last three days have been packed full (pun intended, hee!) of moving, unpacking, cleaning, organizing and cleaning some more. Not much cooking has been happening yet. I have a bad habit and must admit that in times [...]

Paleo Toscana Soup


  This isn’t at all like beer, but could pair well with it and does provide vitamins because it’s packed full of leafy greens and sweet potatoes.   Paleo Toscana soup   What you will need: 5 spicy Italian sausages –baked at 300 for about 25min 2 small onions- chopped 3 small cloves garlic- minced [...]

Busting your chops!


One of the simplest ways to spice up a dish is, well, spices! They’re inexpensive, easy to use and have endless flavor combinations. I decided to try a new one this week, coriander and loved it! These pork chops came out with this rich smokey flavor…delish! I’ll definitely be experimenting with new spices soon again. [...]

Bring on the pain!


Today I’m sore. One hike, one yoga class and two beach workouts later my quads, my glutes and my triceps are feeling it. It’s not quite that “lower yourself down to the toilet seat while holding on to the wall” sore (you know what I’m talking about). It’s more of a “bend down to pick [...]

Orange roast chicken


My chicken There is something about roasting a chicken that makes me feel very grown up and complete. I mean, it’s a whole chicken, and I did it all myself. When I’m preparing a chicken there are images that come to mind: that of families on TV cooking chickens, stay at home moms prepping the [...]