Pork Chops


  Hello Cheeks! It’s me, Shirley, aka Righty! So- I’ve been cooking, working out, running CrossFit Kids camps, walking Ginger, seeing my friends and all around enjoying life. What I have not been doing is posting to my blog. So, I’m  gonna try something new, instead of always thinking I need a full recipe, I [...]



My CrossFit membership expired at the beginning of this month and for the first time in a long time I decided not to renew it right away.  I’ve been exploring other fitness options and this week it was yoga.  After two days in a row I woke up on the third day so surprisingly sore! [...]

Brain Juice


Good: I had a full and fabulous Sunday day today!  Bad:  I’ve used up all my brain juice and can’t come up with witty things to entertain you with right now.  Good:  This mango chicken dish is easy and delicious, I made it and ate it earlier today.  Bad:  There ain’t nuttin’ bad about it [...]



  Life is constantly changing, some of it’s slow and not so noticeable and some of it’s big and super noticeable. We are all growing and adapting to best fit into our environment. For me, change is often hard, sometimes its delayed and when all is done, usually it’s for the better.  Well, Sweet Cheeks [...]

Mint pesto?


  Sometimes when I cook, Tony will often say ” you know what would make this really good?” and I say “what?”, Tony then says: “lemon, mint and peppers”. So, today I share with you my mint pesto. I served it on chicken, but you could easily put it on lamb or pork, or use [...]

Pot o’curry!

chicken curry-001

  One pot makes things soooo much easier. I know I don’t have to tell you all. It’s really quite simple, all you need is a few minutes to chop, spice it up and let it go, then onto other business for the day.  Today I made curried chicken, actually, its cooking as I’m writing [...]

My First Marathon


I did it!!  I ran my first marathon ever. I even ran the whole thing, well besides the one bathroom break and the slow downs to grab water, drink it and move on. It was pretty cool. Who knew that I would ever do a marathon? (well I guess I did, because I planned to [...]

Sweet Cheeks HQ 3.0 AND 4.0!

Orange Chicken

There’s something big happening at Sweet Cheeks HQ.  I mean HUGE.  It’s a shift in the Sweet Cheeks universe.  Shirley and I will be moving into our own separate apartments.  Bam!  Yup, that’s it.  After 3 years of sharing a kitchen, we’ll actually each have our own. (Well, Shirley will be sharing hers with Ginger!) [...]

I messed up


I love to multitask, so much that it gets me in trouble. I was thinking I would start my soup on the stove, cook up my chicken, then move onto the next step. Trouble was I forgot. I didn’t forget and burn the chicken. I forgot about the chicken cooling and failed to put it [...]

Are… You… Ready???!! 2013 NO SUGAR CHALLENGE!!!


It’s time to kick the habit.  Hot chocolate with breakfast, leftover Christmas cookies for lunch, a little bit of ice cream after dinner … you all know you’re doing it!  The holidays are notorious for turning everyone’s taste buds into sugar craving addicts.  No more messing around Cheekers, we’re going cold turkey!  Not for 1 [...]