Sunday Sweat Pants


  Today I was a domestic diva!  I ironed, I cooked, I did my Christmas shopping, I sipped tea and I washed dishes… all in the comfort of my sweat pants!!  No need to get dressed on a rainy December Sunday.  Or for that matter, take a shower, HA!  I’ll shower for Monday!   Chicken [...]

‘Snot Fun


  ‘Snot fun being sick.  This is the 2nd time I’ve had a cold in 1 month.  ’Snot good.  Apparently I’m ‘snot taking care of myself very well lately.  There has been a bit too much sugar and alcohol, and ‘snot enough vegetables and water.  ’Snot a good combo.     Chicken and Asparagus   [...]

Good morning friends!


I feel like I’ve been eating all morning. The only reason is because of YOU. Yep… if we didn’t have this blog, I wouldn’t be experimenting and making something a little pretty for you all. So, thank you .  I started with breakfast, eggs being the usual base that got me going, but I incorporated [...]

Good Old Green!


Good morning my Cheekers!  It’s a perfect Tuesday morning.  The sun is shining and Thanksgiving is this week.  Who’s thankful out there, huh?  This year all I’m in charge of for Thanksgiving dinner is a side dish, something preferable green.  I have to admit though, I’m completely unprepared!  HA!  I haven’t had anytime to think [...]

Mental Toughness


dutch oven chicken and cauliflower mash Last week during Team CFLA training our intention was Mental Toughness(MT). This is where we test ourselves mentally. Coach said the workout will be long and painful, and yes, it was.  I knew going in it was going to be challenging as coach said we would be digging ourselves [...]



  I am aware of a handful of things in my life. There are also many things that I am not aware of. Being present and paying attention is a big part of life. In fact the other day a I was at a coffee shop and a man asked me my name. I replied [...]



Grilled cilantro chicken thighs I don’t feel like eating meat, but sometimes I do. In fact, there was a period not long ago when The Cheeks were meatless for a bit. I’ve decided it’s not the meat that I don’t like, it’s the preparation of it. I used to cook it all the time, but [...]

Feeling Cheesey


my cheesey omelet   I’ll admit it. I’ve been eating some cheese lately. It all started about three to four weeks ago.  I was at Whole Foods in Brentwood and I was just walking around. I came across the Cheese/wine area and got to thinking, “I haven’t had a really tasty cheese in a while”. [...]

Vegas Baby…


Last weekend I went to Las Vegas to celebrate my girlfriend’s bachelorette party.  Yay Vegas!  It’s nuts there.  So much boozing, gambling, sexually charged shows and decor…it’s just nuts!  I was with a group of beautiful women, and I’m proud to say, all naturally beautiful women.  Something that apparently is not the norm for Vegas. [...]

Entrepreneur Cheeks


The Cheeks have been a brain storming lately!  It’s time to spread some Cheeks.  BAAHAHA!!  I’ll take any chance I can get to use our sweet motto  Any how … first up, we’re going to turn this blog into a website!  We’re only in the very preliminary stages of researching different web designers and saving [...]