Muscle-ing it


CrossFitting has shown me a lot about myself. It’s been over 4 years of CrossFit and I’m still having fun. I’ve learned that I’m very fearful of getting hurt-physically, which sometimes holds me back. I’ve learned that I am strong, and I LOVE to muscle my way through things. So much that at times it [...]



Sunday has become my new favorite day. I love having the freedom of the full day to sleep in if I like, cook food for my week, take yoga, catch up on email, plan out my week, visit a Farmer’s Market, paint my nails, soak up the sun, catch up on Sweet Cheeks posts or [...]

Stuff What?


turkey and sweet potato stuffing Ok- so I’ve been under the weather. If you read my last post (I’m not sure who did, because nobody replied) you will see last week I had the start of something. Now, I’m for real sick. Stuck at home for days sick and don’t feel like cooking. I’ve ordered [...]

Holy Smokes!


This week we’ve had a roller coaster of weather, Monday was wet and raining and today the forecast is 80. The smoke I’m about to talk about is not from the weather it’s actually something you can taste and touch and most anyone can try, but only if you want to. It all started with [...]

Bacon Dreams


  I forgot how much I loved the crock pot. Choppity chop, stick it in the pot and go to bed! The delicious smell fills up the house as you sleep, causing visions of bacon to dance in your head! Then you wake up to breakfast hot and ready! Oh crock pot how I love [...]

No Boys Allowed.


One of the ways I like to cook in the kitchen is through a little bit of inspiration from the internet. No, not by the endless food blogs or recipes, but through the pictures! There are a few websites I love to browse through, Tumblr type sites, where you can find beautiful picture of delicious [...]

A day late


confetti chicken salad! YUM But not a dollar short. In fact, this recipe might save you some $$ and time! Speaking of time, it just keeps slipping by. Blog was to be posted on Thursday, but it’s Friday night and the blog post is not up. So here I am doing a little late night [...]

Breakfast pie!


  Okay, two holidays down and two more to go! How is everyone hanging in there? I hope you’ve indulged, but not too much! I hope you’ve skipped your workout for a holiday party, but not too many times! I hope you ate your favorite pie for Thanksgiving, but didn’t eat it again for breakfast [...]

My Kids


Try this for your next breakfast!     Did you know I have kids? Ok, they’re not really “my kids”, but for a couple days a week for 45min at a time they are mine. I have to admit it NEVER seems like enough time, there is always so much more to learn, try and [...]

Family and Food


my family before dinner! This past weekend some of my family came to visit LA. (hence the late post and poor planning) It was my Grandma, Mom and Sister (the ladies minus a few). They all traveled down from Oregon and enjoyed a little California “girl” time. They came to visit my aunt who lives [...]