Day 10–tasty turkey meatballs


Want something easy yet super tasty? This is it! These turkey meatballs are moist and flavorful. I served them atop polenta with caramelized onions, salsa Verde and a side of steamed asparagus. What you’ll need: for the meat balls 1 package ground turkey (about a pound) 1/2 red onion-chopped 1/4 c ground almond meal 1 [...]

Turkey Marinara


turkey marinara Most of my food prep lately has been sweets and baked goods. There have been a few exceptions one of which was Christmas where we cooked a turkey, crescent rolls and chorizo cornbread stuffing (those recipes may come out later). For the most part, I have not been doing a good job at [...]

Back From the Dark Side.


Mushrooms…kinda looks like marshmallows to me. Today I officially stopped the holiday sugar binge. For the past two weeks the overpowering lure has led me to feast on cranberry cornbread for breakfast, big plates of Christmas cookies for lunch and marshmallow sweet potato casserole for dinner. But no more! Sweet Cheeks HQ is cooking again!! [...]

Split Pea Soup


If you haven’t noticed the weather has been getting cooler. In fact after 6 years of living in LA, this feels cold. I still wear my flip flops because they are pretty much the only type of shoes I own-beside workout shoes. It’s been so cold that when I went to train a client this [...]

Monday night mix up


vegetables-pre tomato sauce Today I was not in the cooking mood, but I ordered pizza last night, so eating out was not an option tonight. I had purchased some chicken tenders yesterday knowing that I needed some protein in the house. Tonight’s dinner was a little mix of stuff in the cupboard and fridge-but none [...]

Toothpicks and Turkey


It’s about this time you’ve had your fourth and fifth plate of leftover Thanksgiving dinner. More turkey and gravy!?? Are you all turkey-ed out?? Well I have the solution for you! How about turkey stew? But not just plain old stew … MOROCCAN TURKEY STEW! Thanksgiving turkey with a whole new twist. What’s up with [...]

Artichokes…who’da thought?!


When is the last time you ate an artichoke? Yeah, not so much huh? Well it turns out you should be. Recent studies have shown that artichokes contain an unusual amount of antioxidants. So much in fact that the United States Department of Agriculture has raised it’s ranks to be the number one vegetable in [...]