Power Greens

Power Greens

It’s no secret that I love kale. I love it in salads and I loved it cooked. So, I was super stoked to find a new kale mix at Trader Joes! My old favorite kale mix was made by harvest sensations, but they changed things lately, by adding in a salad dressing package. So, I [...]

exercising with regularity


The week isn’t even over and I’ve worked out 4 times. I did CrossFit 3 times and took a nice little run today. I have to admit, it feels good to be back. I was working out, but just not consistently. I’m also back to cooking and eating healthy (ish) So, I whipped up this [...]

What a wonderful world…


Happy Earth Day everyone!!  Our world is such a beautiful and fascinating place.  Show it some love today!!  Kiss a tree, sing with the birds, sit in the grass and give the ground a little booty shake!  Appreciate and be grateful for the never ending generosity of our home planet!  Earth must really like us [...]

Snowy Sunday


This past week in Los Angeles we had blustering winds, sunny hot weather, cooler misty clouds, and an overcast muggy day. All in one week!  That’s a lot of weather of LA living!  But don’t worry, there’s no snow… we still haven’t had any snow Chorizo and Kale Soup One pound of chorizo sausage, quartered [...]

Call To Action!


Dear Cheekers, Last weekend I was in a seminar and on the second day when some snacks were brought out everything was sugar.  Chocolate covered nuts, cookies, brownies…oh my.  I find it indignant that people think treats have to be sugary treats!  We need to cut this out people!  The nation is obese!  Morbidly obese! [...]

My First Brisket…..

my first brisket

and I’m darn proud of it. A while back you might remember I posted about my first chicken and I also shared with you about my first pot roast. (which I was totally confused with what or how to cook it). I’m pretty comfortable baking, working with vegetables but meat is a different story. We [...]

Bittersweet Game Plan

Steak and Eggs

It’s February 3rd and this Cheek has still not eaten any sugar!  I’ve thought about it, but that’s as close as I’ve come.  I know a massive sugar hangover is on the other side of that sweet little moment of sugar pleasure.  Righty has suggested that I don’t waste my sugar on any junk ie. [...]

Better Than Ever!


We are proud to announce … our new website!!!  We just went live a few days ago and are still putting on the finishing touches, but so far so good!  We are excited to have a new photo recipe index, new category search, and a forum.  We’ll be playing around with the forum for a [...]

Game Changer


Today is day TWENTY of the Sweet Cheeks 2013 No Sugar Challenge.  Congrats to everyone still in the sugar free game!  As this month continues I find it easier and easier to say no to sugar.  It could have something to do with the ridiculous results that I keep experiencing from living sugar free. My [...]

Running LA marathon


I’m not sure all of you know what’s been going on in my life, but it has involved a bit more running than usual. That’s because I registered for the LA marathon and I need to get some miles under my belt. Let me explain, my training plan is not the most regimented, and might [...]