Jelly In My Belly


I’ve got a new acupuncture office! It’s wonderful. It’s peaceful and Zen and a perfect little place for healing. There’s only one problem and it’s called Jelly Bellys. Yes, Jelly Belly jelly beans sit on the front desk. The facialist who’s office I moved into told me I can move around anything in the office, [...]

Cooking from the cupboard


tuna on a spoon? Growing up I loved tuna fish. I’m talking about the tuna fish my mother made. It was mixed with mayonnaise, onions, pickles and celery. She would serve it to me as a sand which or my favorite, Tuna Swirls. They are much like a cinnamon rolls, but tuna is in place [...]

Sushi Chef Extraordinaire


I’ve been wanting to try making this for a while and I’m so glad I finally did! It was super easy and absolutely tasty! The key is to cut the seaweed paper BEFORE you roll it. Every time I would roll it up and attempt to cut it into pieces it would crush and ruin [...]

I’m back y’all!


Please excuse the wonky picture, my camera settings were off! For those of you who keep up on our blog, you probably noticed my past Thursday post was missing. Well I was doing a little traveling and I was in Texas y’all! What a great state! I spent a week in Houston and developed a [...]

Back from the Burn


Fruit and herbed topped broiled salmon! I like to think of myself as pretty smart in the kitchen. Meaning that I know my way around and can most always whip up something tasty. Though, a few weeks back, that was not the case. I was on a mission to create some beautiful food, but got [...]



Yesterday I put on my pink bikini and took my surfboard to the beach! The waves were big and the sets were choppy but I haven’t been out in months and I was dying to get in the ocean. After about 15 minutes of comedic wrestling with my wetsuit, (gosh, that thing is hard to [...]



…my acupuncture practice! Since I’m now a full time Sweet Cheekin’ Acupuncturist I realized I should officially introduce you to my “baby”. Located in the wonderful world of Santa Monica, California in a lovely little office I share with two superb chiropractic doctors. I’ve been open for about two months now and it’s been ahhhhhh-mazing! [...]

Sweet Cheeks in your home!


Sweet Cheeks Headquarters has been a rocking! Instead of writing you lovely Cheekers a post last night, I was called out to do some in home Paleo cooking with the Right Cheek for a client of ours. This is a new venture for The Cheeks but so far, so good! Our client loves the food, [...]

Summer Lovin’


What a GORGEOUS day here in Los Angeles! It’s only May 1st but it feels like summer already. It makes me want to take a big bite of watermelon as juices drip down my arm, sip an ice cold glass of water with strawberry slices seeping in it and take a long lazy nap in [...]

Settling in


baked salmon topped with balsamic reduction and mango salsa If you have been following us on Facebook or are a friend that got “in on the action”, you know that we have moved. (THANK YOU MOVER FRIENDS!) It may seem like we have moved a few times, and we have! The journey is to be [...]