It’s Party Time!


Baby’s first cupcake!     Yesterday morning at 4:30am my alarm went off. This was not an accident, as I purposely set my alarm for such a crazy time. Although it was a little too early for me, there was a very good reason for an outrageous rising time. I had a party to go [...]

Snack attack!!


Looks like hummus, tastes like hummus, Paleo hummus! Congratulations challengers!! it’s week three of the Sweet Cheeks Paleo Challenge! We’ve been getting great feedback from you so far and we’re super duper proud of you! This week we’re tacking on TWO more – no grains and no legumes (Which includes peanuts, beans and soy). Two [...]

My favorite Snack


Snacks are great, in fact sometimes I wish I were a kid so there would be specific times to sit down and have snacks with all my friends. Instead, I usually snack when the time permits. Sweet Cheeks HQ has one snack in particular that never seems to get old. Drum roll please……..Apples and nut [...]