Snowy Sunday


This past week in Los Angeles we had blustering winds, sunny hot weather, cooler misty clouds, and an overcast muggy day. All in one week!  That’s a lot of weather of LA living!  But don’t worry, there’s no snow… we still haven’t had any snow Chorizo and Kale Soup One pound of chorizo sausage, quartered [...]

I messed up


I love to multitask, so much that it gets me in trouble. I was thinking I would start my soup on the stove, cook up my chicken, then move onto the next step. Trouble was I forgot. I didn’t forget and burn the chicken. I forgot about the chicken cooling and failed to put it [...]

Soup season is starting


Last week when I was away at my sisters I made two soups. One of them was a sweet potato and apple soup, that was a mix of leftover roasted vegetables we had on Christmas Day. It was creamy, savory and sweet. Soup number two was a chicken tortilla (ish) soup.  Both were good and [...]

Something in the Soup


Delicious coconut soup   I know it’s not really soup season, but you CAN eat soup at any time, especially coconut soup.  I love coconut anything, soup, candy, milk, flakes, butter, oil, whatever it is, I usually like it.  The very first coconut soup I ever ate was a chilled sweet soup at a resaraunt [...]

Sweating to the oldies


Richard Simmons and Right Cheek post workout Last Thursday one of my students asked to take me to a fitness class for a holiday treat. I was surprised, excited and slightly nervous. This was because I’m usually the one in charge. As a coach and trainer I set the tone of the workout, know exactly [...]

Family and Food


my family before dinner! This past weekend some of my family came to visit LA. (hence the late post and poor planning) It was my Grandma, Mom and Sister (the ladies minus a few). They all traveled down from Oregon and enjoyed a little California “girl” time. They came to visit my aunt who lives [...]

It’s raining men, hallelujah!


HA! No not really, but it’s raining rain! For all of you southern California readers you know what I’m talking about. Today was the first sunny day after a week of storms, wind, downpours, thunder and lightning. It was wet! Can you imagine if it really did rain men that whole time?! Whoa, that’d be [...]



Sweet Cheeks staples: apples and bacon It’s less then two weeks until Thanksgiving! Are you prepared for the big day? I’m in charge of bringing a vegetable side dish to the feast this year, so I’ve been testing out a few at Headquarters. I think I have a winner! What’s the first thing that comes [...]

You complete me!

And for tonight’s special we will be serving Sweet Cheeks Curry delight! I have been eating so very well lately at Sweet Cheeks HQ! And it’s all thanks to you! I have always loved cooking and always prepared all of my meals at home. But since I have begun sharing them with you, I’ve been [...]