Brett Favre Cheeks


  A couple weeks ago I announced my retirement from Sweet Cheeks stating I needed to focus full force on the acupuncture business.  In case you were wondering, I’ve since erased that posting because I didn’t want new future readers to think I had quit!   Today I would like to officially announce that I am [...]

Away from Home and Thankful


roasted broccolini Lefty, myself and Tony were not at HQ this weekend. We headed to Reno on Thursday to celebrate Kristie and Andrew’s wedding with them. I’m so happy that I got to make it up there and share their special day with them. This means miss Ginger was home, but not alone.  She was [...]

What I love!


broiled fruit with goat cheese and cracked pepper I didn’t know what to write about today, so I am going to share the things that I love. (In no particular order) Ginger-my dog Sunshine- both during sunrise and sunset The beach (not so much the sand) Pastries Dogs (other than Ginger) Helping people lululemon workout [...]

Take me out to the ballllllllgaaaaaame!


It’s a fabulous sunny Sunday afternoon and what better thing to do then off to the ballgame!!  Mr. Cheek and I are off to watch the Dodgers hopefully kick some butt this afternoon.  We’ll be dining on Dodger dogs and and ice cream served out of upside down mini baseball helmets!  Paleo mini baseball helmets, [...]

What have you been eating?


the newest guacamole egg Like many of you, I go through phases of things that I eat. I always love fruit and eggs. The other foods are the variables. I go through my phases of bacon, sweet potatoes, spinach, tomatoes, kale, carrots and many other things. Meat comes in and out of my life, but [...]

Love and Light


  The grief and shock that washed over me upon hearing about the Colorado shooting this past week reached a new level of depth inside of me.  That could of been any one of us, any one of my family, any one of my friends …  And for what?  Senseless tragedy.  I felt paralyzed by [...]

Something in the Soup


Delicious coconut soup   I know it’s not really soup season, but you CAN eat soup at any time, especially coconut soup.  I love coconut anything, soup, candy, milk, flakes, butter, oil, whatever it is, I usually like it.  The very first coconut soup I ever ate was a chilled sweet soup at a resaraunt [...]

Eff yeah!!! America!!!! =)


Happy 4th of July my Sweet Cheekers!!  Although that is not a child appropriate title (heh!), this post’s recipe is actually excellent for your children to be involved with.  Chop up a bunch of fruit and let them go to town constructing an American flag fruit plate!  With there hands sticky with juice and their [...]

The Salad I Never Ate.


It’s not often I whip up something and don’t eat it. But it happens. It happened a couple weeks back when prepping for a memorial day BBQ at my Aunt’s house. I had spent much of the weekend hanging out and listening to music so I was ill prepared and didn’t know what to bring [...]

Walking laterally


roasted pear, goat cheese and macadamia nuts I had a little break through at the gym the other day. I’m finally able to walk on my hands laterally. Yes, I had a wall to support me, but I did it. It’s been a mental game for me. It was physically hard to make my self [...]