Better Than Ever!


We are proud to announce … our new website!!!  We just went live a few days ago and are still putting on the finishing touches, but so far so good!  We are excited to have a new photo recipe index, new category search, and a forum.  We’ll be playing around with the forum for a [...]

Game Changer


Today is day TWENTY of the Sweet Cheeks 2013 No Sugar Challenge.  Congrats to everyone still in the sugar free game!  As this month continues I find it easier and easier to say no to sugar.  It could have something to do with the ridiculous results that I keep experiencing from living sugar free. My [...]

Sugar Free Scam!


I know you’re probably thinking “A scam?!  Is Lefty a phony!?? Has she been gorging on sugar this whole time and writing her posts while shoving cookies in her mouth?!!”  No, no, no my Cheekers, I am legit.  I’m sugar free, and as clean and happy as can be!  BUT there is something fishy going [...]

When A Sweet Cheek Feels Rotten, This Is What She Does!


GIVE UP SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!  We are in full swing of the 2013 Sweet Cheeks No Sugar Challenge!  Today is day 6 and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling fantastic.  It has been way too long since I’ve been without sugar.  I’d forgotten how energized, productive, fresh, glowing, bouncy, brilliant, sexy, unstoppable, happy and [...]

Brett Favre Cheeks


  A couple weeks ago I announced my retirement from Sweet Cheeks stating I needed to focus full force on the acupuncture business.  In case you were wondering, I’ve since erased that posting because I didn’t want new future readers to think I had quit!   Today I would like to officially announce that I am [...]

Where would I be without you?!


Freshly sampled. Momma Sweet Cheeks visited me last weekend. It was her birthday recently and my beautiful Mom is 59! You can thank my Momma for making me into the cook I am today. It all began back in ‘da day, in the hills of New Hampshire, in the kitchen with Momma Sweet Cheeks… Of [...]