Eat your vegetables


Some days you might think I hate vegetables, because sadly, I hate to admit it, sometimes I don’t eat any. It really all depends on if I have them prepped or not. This past week I’ve cook about one different vegetable a day, which has really helped me eat my vegetables. The recipes below can [...]

To All The Momma Cheeks


Happy Mothers Day to all moms, grannies, great grannies, step moms, foster moms, Right Cheek mom, Left Cheek mom, and all those who lost their mom. Moms are priceless!  Thank you for all your infinite love and devotion.  We love you!  And the Sweet Cheeks would never exist without you because everything and anything I [...]

Mint pesto?


  Sometimes when I cook, Tony will often say ” you know what would make this really good?” and I say “what?”, Tony then says: “lemon, mint and peppers”. So, today I share with you my mint pesto. I served it on chicken, but you could easily put it on lamb or pork, or use [...]

When A Sweet Cheek Feels Rotten, This Is What She Does!


GIVE UP SUGAR!!!!!!!!!!  We are in full swing of the 2013 Sweet Cheeks No Sugar Challenge!  Today is day 6 and I don’t know about you guys, but I’m feeling fantastic.  It has been way too long since I’ve been without sugar.  I’d forgotten how energized, productive, fresh, glowing, bouncy, brilliant, sexy, unstoppable, happy and [...]